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20 Jul
IBC ~ Workshop on Filing of Income Tax Returns for Individuals, AOPs & other Business
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20 Jul
LBC ~ A full day Technical Workshop on Finance Act-2024
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21 Jul
LBC ~ Online Workshop on Microsoft PowerBI-2024
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CMA Profession For All

The accounting and finance qualification is in great demand across the corporate world due to emergence of corporate governance and issues related to better custodians of public wealth. The post-graduate certification in Accounting with specialization in the field of Management Accounting is beneficial both as basic and additional qualification and surely, provides uninterrupted future career success. This professional qualification is useful / beneficial for students having different academic qualifications as follows:

Commerce / Business Administration Students

Professional education of ICMA International is helpful for commerce students to develop career in Accounting and Finance for which they have already set base in their academic studies. The education at ICMA International will provide advanced and in-depth knowledge of various subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate level so they may start their professional career better than simply master degree holders.

Science / Arts Students

With the economic development of the country, the commercial activity increases which resulted in creation of employment. As every business activity needs finance and accounting as core function, therefore, qualification in this filed facilitates better job prospects and quick entry to the practical field. Further, knowledge of accounting and finance helps science students to excel in their career e.g., science students in advance stage of their career, may require financial management skills to prepare budget and forecasts, managing cash inflows and outflows, etc for their department. The accounting and finance skills assist such professionals to reach to top management positions including heading their own departments of technical nature. Further, accounting and finance has close relationship with logics and mathematics. It is observed that students with mathematical background find accounting and finance related courses more convenient to study as compared to any other professional.

Human Resource Professionals

Human Resource (HR) and Training & Development are emerging areas. The knowledge of accounting and finance helps HR professionals to have better understanding of payroll, compensation and reward management, while ensuring cost and benefit analysis (CBA). It will facilitate them to prepare better projections about organization's financial liability to manage human resources. With regard to training and development, professionals dealing in this area need skills to prepare financial feasibility, income statements, etc to launch and conclude training programmes.

Engineering Professionals

The postgraduate professional certification helps Engineers to prepare various estimates and costing for the feasibility of engineering projects. It is important for Engineers to precisely enumerate cost and financial elements so as properly undertake and plan engineering assignments such as construction, repair and maintenance, unit installation, etc. The widely used project management software requires knowledge of different cost behaviors to effectively operate and utilize for engineering related tasks in particular and other projects in general.

Master Degree Holders / Post Graduate Qualification

It is a universal phenomenon that professional qualification provides a route to join a forum of experts. By acquiring postgraduate certification in Management Accounting, post-graduates will have the privilege of dual qualification, which gives boost to their professional career. The qualification will not only add value to existing profiles but also equip them with financial management skills which are a gateway to reach to highest cadre of management level including heading the department. The education and ICMA International certification will develop abilities to head related departments / functions effectively while remaining focused on their key competencies i.e., engineering, human resources, production, etc. The exemptions offered to various Master degree holders also facilitates such post graduates to acquire the qualification in lesser time period.