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18 Jul
LBC ~ 5 Days Comprehensive Workshop on QUICKBOOKS Enterprise Edition
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20 Jul
IBC ~ Workshop on Filing of Income Tax Returns for Individuals, AOPs & other Business
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20 Jul
LBC ~ A full day Technical Workshop on Finance Act-2024
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Transfer Policy

One shift to another shift:
The Institute allows transfer of students in the same academic session from morning to evening shift and vice versa, provided the seats are available in the classes.

One campus to another campus:
A coaching student may be transferred from one coaching campus to another either due to change of residence or employment, during the course of an academic term. Such a student is required to obtain the following certificates from his original coaching campus:

  • An Attendance Certificate:
  • A certificate showing the payment of Annual Subscription and all other dues, if any.
  • A clearance from library
Coaching to Distance Learning Programme (DLP)
  • A student who is enrolled for the Coaching Classes can be transferred to the Distance Learning Programme (DLP) of that subject(s). He/ she will have to complete the requirements (if any) within the prescribed time-frame.
  • His facility can be availed within one month of the commencement of coaching classes on payment of 50% tuition fee. The student will have to pay 100% tuition fee, if he/ she decides to change to the Distance Learning Programme (DLP) on expiry of one month after the commencement of coaching classes.

Distance Learning Programme (DLP) to coaching program
A Distance Learning Programme (DLP) student can be transferred to the Coaching Classes on payment of 50% tuition fee within one month's time from enrolment in Distance Learning Programme (DLP), and on payment of 100% tuition fee after one month time from enrolment in Distance Learning Programme (DLP). The facility is subject to availability of capacity in coaching classes. The student is required to complete 60% attendance in order to become eligible to appear in the final examination of the subject.

Cancellation and Suspension of Registration

  • A student of the Institute deemed to be guilty of any misconduct, will face cancellation/ suspension of registration, if he/ she:
    • Fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the Institute;
    • Fails to supply correct information to the Institute;
    • Fails to comply with any of the directives issued by the management of the Institute;
    • Involves himself/ herself in such activities which cause damage to the image of the Institute;
    • Uses unfair means in an examination;
    • Is found indulged in any under-hand dealing with any official or officials of the Institute.
  • In the event of any misconduct or breach of any regulation by a registered student, the Council may, if it is satisfied after such investigation as it may deem necessary and after giving an opportunity of being heard, suspend or cancel the registration of the student.
  • Registration of a student shall be cancelled and all fees paid shall be forfeited if educational documents are found fake at any stage or subsequent stage.
  • Registration of a student, who does not pay the annual subscription within six months from the date it, falls due, i.e., 1st July of every year, is liable to be cancelled but can be restored on payment of prescribed registration restoration fee.